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Commercial / Industrial Buildings

We offer experienced consultation, so we can work together to come up with the best possible option for your business

They just don’t come any tougher! Our Welded Duragal RHS Laced Frame sheds are one of the strongest and heavy duty sheds on the market today. The welded base plate, knee and apex connections are our own unique strengthening system which ensures you get the strongest shed available.

Available up to 40m span & 6m high
Large bay sizes to allow for extra large door openings.

Standard bay sizes 3m, 4.5m & 6m but can vary size on request.

Our Universal Beam ( UB) sheds offer an extra heavy duty option, columns and beams constructed from solid structural steel. These sheds are the ideal solution , for when you require a large span in a cyclonic rated area.

For ultimate strength, durability & fire tolerance we offer a combination of UB & Durigal Lace. These sheds are especially strong but lighter in weight making them more suitable for some applications. We offer experienced consultation so as together we can come up with the best option for your requirements.

Sport Halls & Riding Arenas

We design and build extra-large spans, with no internal columns, giving a maximum uninterrupted, undercover working area.
Our sheds are all cyclone rated and suitable for our North Queensland conditions. Due to the integrity & structural strength of our frames, they are very stable and quick to construct. Not light weight and floppy to handle. You can choose between our heavy duty Welded Durigal Lace frames, for lightness and strength, or an extra heavy duty Universal Beam Frame made from solid structural steel or opt for a combination of both with Universal Beam uprights and Welded Durigal Lace beams.

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